5 Makeup Trends for Ladies’ Portraits
30 Mar

5 Makeup Trends for Ladies’ Portraits .

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Let’s be honest; there’s really an art to looking great in photos, especially for ladies! (Sometimes it seems like the gents just have to exist to feel like they look good, doesn’t it?) While part of that comes from picking a great photographer, there are also things that you can do to enhance your face. Here are a few makeup trends that can make you happier with your final photos!

First off, if you’re not a big fan of doing your own but want great results, simply hire an artist from my recommended Edmonton team: Mai Makeup. If you’re already a makeup maestro, however, this guide might help you find the perfect balance.

Fresh, Clean Skin

A good base for your makeup is essential! If your skin isn’t well prepared, it won’t matter what you do with your makeup. Before you start applying your makeup, make sure your skin is properly exfoliated and cleaned. Be careful not to use any new product within 48 hours of a session, especially if you have sensitive skin! Blotches are not going to be helpful on portrait day! You also want to make sure you use a good moisturizer that won’t leave your skin too oily or greasy. Don’t make me work overtime editing out all the shiny spots!


Your unique bone structure and cosmetics can deliver incredible images, but you may need to do a little extra work to make it stand out. You don’t want to go completely overboard on the highlighting and contouring, but a little bit can give your face more structure and help your cheekbones stand out. Make sure that you contour according to your face shape for best results!

Fabulous Fringe

False lashes are majorly helpful for highlighting the eyes. Faux eyelashes can be inexpensive, but you need to make sure they are done right. Spend a little extra money to make sure that you get high-quality lashes and the proper glue for attaching them – or try those awesome new magnetic lashes on for size! You can buy this inexpensive brand at Sally Beauty in Edmonton.

False lashes aren’t one-size-fits-all, so make sure you measure and trim them to fit your eyes before you start putting them on.

Brow-tastic Framing

Full brows also provide a great frame for your eyes, especially when matched with your fabulous eyelashes, and they are the feature that has been riding the top of the beauty trends for a few years now. Full and shaped eyebrows steal the spotlight every time, and if yours aren’t naturally blessed from your DNA, you can fix that. Several days before the portrait session, if you’re like me and have some hairs with a deep desire to escape the perfect eyebrow shape, you might want to carefully pluck your brows. Next, check out this awesome tutorial on how to draw them in!

This is a practice-makes-perfect scenario. If you want to fix it long term however, Microblading will give you full, natural looking eyebrows that last for approximately a year – so you won’t have to worry about misshapen brows or taking the time to draw them on every morning. I’ve got thick brows myself, but I’ve seen the difference microblading can make, and it’s impressive!

Juicy Lips!

Personally, I don’t think anyone needs to resort to injectable lip plumping, especially not for portraits! There are makeup tricks to enhance your natural shape. Pat concealer beyond your lip line just a tad, so lipstick can create larger lips. Or draw lip liner on slightly outside your natural lip line. Then, add a lighter gloss in the middle of the lips for fullness.

Makeup is fun to play with and can dramatically improve your photos. Experiment with a few different looks before you go for your shoot to make sure that you have the exact look you want!

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