How To Distinguish Yourself

Having been a blogger in my personal life for many years, one of the things I had vowed to include on my website in 2010 was a blog for my business, Admire Studios. I thought about content, I thought about advertisting, and then I decided that I’d do what I almost always do in situations like this – play it by ear.

Adding to the noise in the photographic world is a pretty brave move. I live in a city that currently has the highest number of  photographers per capita anywhere in the world. It’s a bit ridiculous. But my city is not a box, and I don’t intend to stay in it. I intend to travel, I have my heart and mind and all my abilities in tune for the ride of my life – becoming one of the best in a specific field – family photography. Now, I’ll still shoot other events sometimes, like weddings, and I’ll still do some work in graphic design, because I love it. But my best moments by far have been shooting portraits in a comfortable home with happy people, and I want to continue.

I may be a newer photographer, but I am not an ameteur. I have an art degree, I have photographers who are mentoring me, I take professional development courses, I have a registered business and an outlook on business in general that is decidedly more professional than a lot of photographers I’ve met who use that title. I have contracts. I have a personal style. I feel comfortable dealing with the people I photograph. So I think that I am working towards truly deserving the name of professional.

But I want to distinguish myself.

I would love to hear a few opinions on what it means to be a professional. I was at a wedding a few days ago where the photographer’s work looked very professional, but his shooting style was so invasive it made me want to strangle him. He spent most of his time blocking the audience view of the couple, worst of all in special moments. Just making the point that it’s not just your photos that make you a pro. What are the qualities that make a person a professional? What are the qualities to aspire to?

I would love to hear opinions on this, from photographers and the public alike. What makes people professionals in their field, and specifically photographers?

My short list for a photographer, before I’d say I call them a pro: Good Skill Levels and Education, a good Attitude, some level of Stylistic Thread through the photos, and a Registered Business.

What else can you add to my list, and what is on yours?

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