My Ten Favourite Photographs

While I was at Bridal Conference 2010, a lady came up and talked with me, and I noticed on her draw form and commented that she’d requested my ten favourite photographs of my own work. My husband and I agreed that she had a brilliant idea, so here I’m going to show you what I’ve chosen.

Now, as you might imagine, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000-100,000 photographs to my credit by now, and in dozens of genres of photography. So I put a few limits on – the first being that I’d choose portraits only (that cuts out thousands of photos in landscape, drama, real estate, sports…) and the second being that I’d just choose from my professional work, which might sound obvious, but I was a photographer long before I started calling myself one. I also decided not to choose on artistic merit alone, as there are many “perfect” photos in my portfolio – the right kind of lighting, triangles, color, that sort of thing. But not all of the perfect ones capture emotion or moments as well.

So it comes down again to what I like best. And what I like is very eclectic, because as I say to most people who ask about the details of my business, I’m a chameleon. I love the ability to blend into someone’s scripted and unscripted moments and take photographs that are a unique combination between my own style and theirs. So here’s what I’ve come up with between all my different portrait sessions.

Why these ten? What is it about them that draws me in? There are lots of global and individual reasons.

Stretching Flowery-Girl
I love this photograph because it’s a totally unposed, authentic moment of connection between me and the one-year-old girl of a family who loves my work and keeps me coming back. It never fails that this photograph gets noticed – people think it’s really cute. The only annoying thing is how many people think that it’s my baby. =)

This Little Piggy
I had the great pleasure of working with this family in Victoria and doing a photoshoot in their home. Mom had just gotten out of the shower, and I even started taking photos while they were dressing their one-year-old son – it was his birthday. I have a dozen favourites from the photoshoot, but every time I look at that photoshoot and scroll past this picture, it makes me grin again in memory of that moment. And that takes it to the top.

Couple on the Stairs
Believe it or not, I took this photo back in my film days with black and white film and developed it myself! I’m probably one of few photographers as young as I am who can say that. There is a peaceful comfort in this photograph that strikes you when you see it, and it really draws a person in to their cuddly moment.

The Bride’s Hands
This is one of the photographs I knew would make this list, because I have loved it ever since the moment I took it. I was never quite sure why I liked it so much until my husband pointed out why he didn’t – she looked nervous. Ah, that was it. It was the honesty of that moment, her fluttery stomach showing in her hands, and the serene beauty of it all.

A Father’s Kiss
This is actually a preview photograph from a shoot I did mere days ago. Most of the photos on this list are unique in another sense – I knew that they were going to be perfect when I took them. And this one is no exception. I love the innocence and curiousity in the tiny baby’s eyes – she’s only a week old here – and the obvious love in her Dad’s expression. What a beautiful moment to be able to keep and cherish – and that’s the reason I take photographs in the first place. This photograph I instantly liked and know it’s going to remain a favourite in future, so it deserves a place here.

Trash the Dress – Fringe 2010
This photograph is one of the few posed photographs on this list, but the deep-set colors, the great mischievous expression on Andrea’s face… It all combines to make an extremely striking, incongrous photograph. For those of you new to the blog, this was her 5th wedding anniversary celebration. We went to the Saskatoon Fringe and had about 15 different street artists contribute to her dress!

A&W Rockstars
This is hands down my favourite photograph of all time and sums up exactly the kind of photographer I want to be. Russel and Alex’s wedding shoot was the most fun experience I have ever had at a wedding and this is one of the best moments – all it took was a few confetti guns after lunch at A&W and my instructions, “Act like rockstars!” Just pure awesome.

Kiss on a Rock
I have an admitted bias towards good kiss photographs. This is definitely one of my favourites – a kiss I never asked for, a moment of pleasure written on both their faces. What a great photograph to keep as a memory of your wedding day.

Groom Exalted
From that same wedding, an interesting and unconventional pose with the men. A blend of my posing, a great location, and ideas from the guys themselves, this suited all the guys. Again, it always makes me smile.

The Red Door
This photograph was actually taken during a model shoot at Image Explorations 2009, a photographic professional development conference. Though it was taken at an educational gathering I can lay claim to it because I found the door and I dragged the model over to capture the awesome lighting. It’s also one of the several photos on this list where I’m literally lying on the ground to take it. =)

I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of my favourite photographs. I’m sure they will continue to change as I continue to grow as a photographer.

Tomorrow I am shooting an Engagement shoot in a lovely park for the winner of my draw from Bridal Conference, and I’m quite pleased and excited about the chance to shoot somewhere so beautiful – and in my favourite season.

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