Photography Class

How To Take Photos That Don’t Suck

An Amateur Photography Class

Learn to take photos of your family

Make Your Family Shine in Photos

Your family members are usually the most important subjects in your life! Learn how to take photos of a person in a photogenic way, co-operating with your subject and even learning how to direct them and look for details that will help make a good photograph.

Learn to take photos of nature

Your environment has unlimited opportunities

Learn how to “frame” a space through the camera lens to best show off something only you can see through your eyes. In this course, you can find the skills you need to showcase your inner artist.

Anything. Anyone. Anytime.

Photograph A Few Of Your Favourite Things

Birds. Pets. Flowers. Events. Concerts. Babies. The principles of photography are the same for anything you want to capture, any memory you want to keep can be yours if you simply learn the skills. 


A class taught in totally normal English, with all technical stuff explained!

If you are tired of taking photos that don’t turn out and struggling with your camera without really knowing how to use it, this course is for you. You’ll find that you’re not alone – a good camera won’t magically solve your problems with getting a good photograph.

Spend time with a professional photographer of 13+ years as she gives an outline of how your camera works, how to think about taking a photo, and know that it has a good chance of turning out, how to sort through those photos, and more.


Twyla Lapointe, BFA, of Admire Studios Photography 

Check out her bio and credentials at the About the Artist page.


Seminar Portion Online – choose whether you want in person or Zoom for the 1-on-1 portion.

  • 3-Hour Presentation on Zoom (with a 15 minute mid-point break)
  • Be present, have your camera handy, and your favourite pen/digital device for taking personal notes
  • You’ll receive the course notes as a PDF file prior to the course start date


  • What Makes A Good Camera
  • What Makes A Good Picture
  • Common Problems like Red Eye,
    Blurriness, Weird Colour Casts
  • Tips and Tricks to fix or prevent problems
  • What To Do With Pictures
    After Taking Them
  • Interacting with People + Pets
  • Interacting with Landscapes
  • Understanding YOU
    – and how and what you snap
  • How to Think About Taking,
    Culling, and Editing Photos
  • Practical Applications
    (AKA: Going out to take pictures!)

Classes will be held by demand, but the next class time is: