Carleen and Dennis – Edmonton Engagement Photography

 (Twyla Lapointe)

I was absolutely thrilled to work with this cute, sweet, and sexy couple! Despite actual clouds of mosquitoes – I joked that for the next few months all my clients and I will have a common enemy – they were awesome sports. They had scoped out two fantastic locations – Irene Parlby Park and Henrrietta Muir Edwards Park in Edmonton. Both places were wonderful locations with all sorts of picturesque and artistic options to work with. I also have photos of the two things Dennis loves the most – his girl and his truck. We joked that we should send some of the photos in to GMC.

Plus, a magnificent dragonfly landed on me, and I’m pretty sure that’s a good luck symbol. Particularly because dragonflies eat mosquitoes.

I was telling my husband that I’ve so far not done photos with a couple I didn’t get along with or didn’t think would last – particularly every wedding I’ve shot so far – and this couple was no different – serene, comfortable with each other, fun, and just happy to be together. What a pleasure to capture that in photographic form.

Carleen just sent me an email saying, “You are absolutely fantastic!  The pictures are so gorgeous, I’m stunned!  I just sent the link to the ones you have posted to my mother-in-law and she cried!” Awwww.

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