New Partner: Equinox Sound

Since my last post I’ve had a number of things happen! I’ll be posting some images from TEDxSaskatoon shortly, but first an announcement.

I’m excited to announce a partnership with Equinox Sound, a really awesome and still fairly new company in Edmonton that is well known for their DJ services. They also provide photography services by partnering with businesses like mine and offering special exclusive packages for weddings. If you are located in Edmonton and need a DJ, give them a call. They have over a dozen DJs on staff to provide services to everyone, from those just looking for some background music or a good time with a charismatic DJ host! I’ve gotten to know the manager quite well, and it looks like he’s running a solid gig here with excellent communication and customer service. I’ll be doing my first shoot with them tomorrow for another company’s PR event downtown, which I am looking forward to.

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