The Fringe

Safe is the riskiest choice. Boring is already full. And if you sell to everyone, you’re not selling to anyone at all. […] I think the people who are going to succeed in this business are the people who never sit still.

Jen Bebb

I am seeking to be extraordinary. Not just as a photographer or graphic designer, but as a person. I am always trying to improve myself dramatically, to create a real difference. I want to seek distinction.

I want to shoot photographs that burst with excitement, that make light dance in a still frame. I want drama to drip from my work, like that moment you smell the summer rain on city pavement. My ambition doesn’t stop in my own city or country.

If you’re reading this and it resonates with you, you’re probably exactly the kind of customer I am looking for. I am at the Fringe this year because I am on the Fringe. I am not out for mere success. There’s a lot of successful people out  there who hate their lives.

I am looking for a life entirely structured around being extraordinary.

All I really need can fit in a quick list: Education, experience, attitude, and ambition, and a network of people who admire my work.

Are you going to be one of them?

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