Koha Apiaries

Koha Apiaries

Honey, will you bee mine?

I met Glyn and Shevelle, the intrepid beekeepers (or apiarists, if you prefer) at Koha when they hired me to shoot their wedding. Since then, they’ve become friends of ours and we double date as often as we can – and with their new venture keeping them busy in summer and fall just like me as a photographer, we enjoy each other’s company in winter most – and there’s nothing better to do in winter than enjoy sweet things like honey.

Local Honey
You have never tasted honey until you’ve had raw local honey. (I prefer raw, but Koha has creamed and liquid as well.) My parents always had that nasty stuff from the supermarket… I thought I didn’t like honey. It’s just that this is a thousand times better.

Hive Encounters
Enjoy a public or private tour of the beehives. A fantastic date opportunity, a way to teach kids about ecology – there’s all sorts of great reasons to enjoy learning about bees and it’s very reasonably priced. My husband and I did a Hive Encounter with Koha Apiaries and LOVED it.

Free Bee Removal Service, Edmonton and Area
Bees in a place you’d rather not have them? Koha can help.

Date 09 October 2017