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Enigma Website Launch

It’s my great pleasure to announce the launch of one of my Saskatoon partner’s websites. It’s to be my last site design for some time, because I’m going to be focusing on photography for a while now. Not that I’ll


TEDxSaskatoon 2010

Last weekend in Saskatoon marked my participation in the Global Ted phenomenon, by photographing the TEDxSaskatoon 2010 event. I got to hear some inspiring talks on various ideas worth sharing, like the importance of educating women in the third world



Every once and a while you get to do something totally out of the ordinary. This time, my artistic skills made a medievalist friend who wanted a personalized heraldic shield come to me for a drawing matching his colors. He


TEDx Saskatoon

I am pleased to report that I’ve been chosen as the official photographer for TEDx Saskatoon, an offshoot program of the venerable and incredibly interesting TED Events held worldwide, designed to promote the flow of knowledge and ideas that could


A Variety Wedding

The wedding I shot a couple of weeks ago was an interesting affair including a ballet performance, Chinese food, French folksong, some bawdy and some energetic games, and a total whirlwind from start to finish. Here’s a few highlights in


Dress Trashing

I am so excited! I had an idea spark for a big show at the Fringe – a Trash the Dress session on Friday night. I figured I’d do it for free for someone because the publicity for me is

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