Agele and Tom’s Wedding

Working with Tom and Adele in their very small, quick, and gorgeous wedding at the Muttart Conservatory was the highlight of the month!
Normally I have a chance to meet with couples in advance, but because her fiance worked out of town most of the time and their time together was precious, it was important to Agele that she be able to fully plan her wedding online. 
She said, “I know not everyone likes to do business through the Internet…” but thankfully I do! It was an adventure to meet Agele and Tom for only and hour but still be a part of their beautiful ceremony. 
Tom and Agele are an example of the kind of couple where the man’s main job is to make his wife laugh – which you can see pretty clearly from their beautiful wedding laughter. It was an initimate ceremony with a small group of family members grinning ear to ear in the beautiful Muttart Conservatory. 


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