Whitemud Park for Fall Family Photos

Whitemud Park is a magical place for Fall portraits

In the busy Fall season, it can be a little tough to find a time to get everyone together for a portrait session – but taking the time to get together with a professional photographer in a beautiful place to create lasting memories is a special opportunity – which this family took for the first time thanks to a sisterly gift. It turned out that the best time for us to work together was Thanksgiving Day – I do sometimes work on holiday weekends – and we greeted each other with a Happy Thanksgiving on arrival!

Whitemud Park has several beautiful footbridges

I’m vaguely related by marriage to this awesome family, as I found out when my husband’s cousin’s wife sent me a message. “My sister is in Edmonton, and I would love to get her a photographer to take some nice pics!” She connected with me and paid for the session – a great gift. (I have physical gift cards available if you want to send a gift to someone in Edmonton yourself.)

Joy and Peace is what I see in these beautiful people!

Some families simply glow with joy from just being together, and this one was like that. I was struck by the comfort I can see in their photos, and the affection they share. The beauty of the area and the beauty of their natural relaxation was refreshing to me after a long week of editing.

Photos with kids who show so much love always make me smile.

This daughter and Mom look so much alike! I always enjoy observing facial expressions and gestures that prove that people are related, it’s so interesting how families are alike and different in such a variety of ways.

We did a tiny hike down to the water’s edge together

A small, not-too-steep path gave us a way to the shoreline, where we spent some time right beside the water. I always think that water is a beautiful backdrop all on its own.

There’s always time for a little twirling

It was fun to see a girl twirling in a dress. There’s something so special about having a new dress to twirl about in, especially a dress that sparkles and shines!

I had a wonderful time with this family, and only have a few more sessions left before winter comes. Of course, I hope I’ll get to do some winter family portraits this year, because they’re rare, and I love family photos in all seasons!

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