Rachel’s Editorial Headshots

Rachel's Magazine Feature

One of the areas of photography that I always appreciate just a little extra is when I am able to provide editorial photography in Edmonton. Having my work featured in a magazine makes me feel so legitimate, even after over 14 years in business.

It’s always a pleasure when I hear that female employees high up in a company are being recognized for their skill and contributions. it really wasn’t all that long ago historically that women weren’t allowed to have jobs like the one that Rachel has,  but thanks to the tireless work of advocates for women in the workplace, capable and highly skilled women are able to work in important banking positions like Rachel, or like me, own their own businesses.  I’ve worked closely with dozens of women who fit this description in the last several years,  and I’m proud to say that it was easy for me to acknowledge to the Edmonton Economic Recovery Grant team that I spend a great deal of my time as a corporate and headshot photographer working with women and minorities in business, helping them to succeed while they help me to succeed with their enterprises. What a great trade!

Rachel later sent me the magazine that she was featured in, which I’m happy to include a few spotlights of here, alongside some of our mutual favourite photographs from our session in the CWB Financial Group offices. 

Are you looking for a photographer for a magazine feature? I have worked with a number of individuals in fulfilling magazine requirements and ensuring that your headshots are modern and appropriate, perhaps referencing your industry and skills. Get in touch for more information.

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