What we bring to the world with Admire

Admire Studios strives to be Edmonton’s first choice for enlightening, meaningful, truthful portraits that stand the test of time because they are full of soul, light, fun and beauty and because they expose some of your essence and that of your relationships and evoke powerful emotions that awaken self-worth. In a society where even the mention of your appearance often brings guilt, shame, and discomfort, I step in to offer you the chance to see yourself and the people you care about in a beautiful light by using my own techniques and point of view to engage with you and capture photogenic expressions and emotions – without cleaning out the bank account.


I try to live these out with every client, in every session, and at every wedding.



I see and love and expose the beauty and quirks of each individual and allow them to see it themselves


Relationship vitality

I believe that all close relationships, especially family, are a vital part of life and should be celebrated



I believe that all close relationships, especially family, are a vital part of life and should be celebrated



Joy, laughter, silliness, cuteness are always worth exposing, creating, and remembering – photos should be encapsulated joy



Businesses, especially small businesses, should be places you can trust. I love the truth and want to see it shine out.


Empowerment. Beauty. Memories.

The Admire Studios mission is to use the power of photography to empower people to see their own beauty and worth, to create lasting memories of joyful times, and promote connectivity between people in families, communities and in the corporate world. Twyla offers quirky and personal portrait and wedding services to families and high value corporate event and portrait photos in Edmonton, Alberta and beyond.


To spread joy and laughter throughout Edmonton and beyond using the power of photography.

To facilitate connection and illuminate the beauty and dignity of all people. To eliminate the myth that portraits must be stiff and boring. To help others learn to love themselves more. To provide a human touch to the corporate world and show the light and life in it.

Corporate EVENTS

Community is created with each other - and organizations help create community.

I believe that corporations provide some of the most stable community in our daily lives, and that it is important to recognize , grow, and maintain these communities for the health of our society. In-person events are a wonderful way to build community, and I love being a part of that process. At corporate and personal events, community grows organically. Whether at a wedding or a corporate Christmas party, our communities grow when we spend time together in laughter, with food and fun. It seems natural for me to gravitate towards these things and spend a great deal of my time capturing and curating them.

Twyla's WHY

Helping people see themselves through new eyes is why I started Admire

Capturing memories is a way to make sure that you are keeping the things that you care about, and letting go of the things that hurt. I grew up in a family tainted by abuse. Sometimes I felt that the only thing I could find happiness in was food, and unfortunately as I came into my teens, that became a dominant theme in my life, and as a result I developed a severe eating disorder. I began recovery in 2009, and have come a long way since – my body is still heavy, but my whole world is filled with light and life. All my life I have cared deeply for others, and I always felt that other people were fascinating – to look at, to learn about, to get to know – to photograph. Through my photography I have been able to explore the beauty in others and develop and understanding of my own beauty and worth. I am always grateful for the opportunity to show people – especially adults and young adults – the beauty in themselves, because it took me so long to find mine. I am passionate about giving others the gift that my husband gave me when we started to become close. The gift of helping people see themselves through new eyes. There is nothing more professionally satisfying as an artist than when I am able to truly see someone, capture that moment, and they are able to truly see themselves as a result. Now that I have retired and passed on Admire Studios to Rebecca, I know that she will also carry forward this vision, and that makes me very contented in handing her something I worked on for over 16 years. 

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