Photogenic Technique: Beloved

Beloved Photography

A Photogenic Technique originally developed by Jesh de Rox and now a worldwide collective

Beloved is an interactive technique that celebrates relationship. It allows photographers like me to create fulfilling and valuable experiences alongside the photographs. I believe that photogenic expressions can come from anyone, and that they can be brought out through interaction, imagination, and the joy that love brings when love reflects from one person to another. Heartwarming and genuine interaction creates incredible photography and experiences. I've been a trained Beloved Photographer since 2014, and have been using some basic techniques as early as 2012.

Experience The Difference

Beloved offers a completely different kind of photography session.

What if there was a reason to spend time re-discovering the person you love? What if, even better, you could do it while capturing the moment that you found joy, love, and peace in your loved one? That's what Beloved is about. The photographs captured in a Beloved session are incredibly expressive - and the experience is amazing for the photographer and their muses. Some people say it feels like going on a first date again. Some people remember why they fell in love. Some people just enjoy a ton of laughter. But it's anything BUT boring.

Benefits of Beloved

Beloved photography sessions are for everyone, but they work particularly well for certain people for whom photography sessions are a chore.


People who HATE having their photo taken.

Whether it's the experience, or that they have been labeled unphotogenic


Extreme Introverts.

Beloved photography will bring out the depth in you and help you to express yourself


Easily Embarassed.

If you don't like public displays of affection, we'll find ourselves a quiet spot, and you'll barely remember there's a camerawoman after 15 minutes.


Couples Falling Out of Love.

Beloved invitations can help you remember why you love your partner, and experience a fresh set of good feelings about them


People with Poor Memories of Good Times.

Do you find yourself seeing a cup half empty? Photos from these sessions can bring joy back into tough moments.