Allie and Mike’s Wedding – Muttart Conservatory

Allie and Mike contacted me only a few months before their wedding in desperate need of a photographer, since the one they had chosen backed out on them. I can’t imagine the stress of something like that, particularly with a popular date at the beginning of August like theirs. Luckily, they were happy to hire me for their wedding even with the caveat that their photos would come a lot later than most since things were so busy for me this month. She assured me when we first talked that having someone there to shoot the wedding at all took a lot of stress off her shoulders, and I totally understand. I’m glad I could step in and make it all better. I got to the Muttart early and I met them just outside the Muttart and we proceeded to get bitten by about a billion uninvited guests – the mosquitos were just awful for most of our time outside, but they were really good sports about it all and we got some really great photos! It was a treat for me to take a few lovely maternity photos in her very pretty wedding dress, as they are expecting their first child together. I always enjoy things like that making the wedding even more special for everyone! They say that a bride glows on her wedding day, and I can tell you that Allie was glowing for two! They had a stone ceremony, which I had never heard of before. They both laid their hands on the stone during their vows to signify that their love was like a rock, forever. That stone will then be in their home – and it has added significance for the bride because it’s from a beach near her home in the Maritimes. I thought that was really cool! Their unique Etsy-made shell bouquets and the flower girl’s pomander were also really unique, and meaningful to the bride. Everyone was all smiles even though the temperature in the Muttart Feature pyramid was almost unbearable. I’ve got another wedding there this coming Saturday and I am going to have to get myself a headband. One of my favourite moments was when Mike noticed my sweaty suffering during their signing of the registry, and asked if I was okay. I told him they were going to kill me. He was like, “Oh no! I’m so sorry!” It was really cute. But I can tell you now that I can take perfectly good pictures without being to see at all, there was about ten minutes of the ceremony that I spent blinking in pain and everything turned out well anyway. Phew. And everyone thinks photography is such a glamorous job! All in all, I had a lot of fun with Allie, who told me on Facebook that her wedding was everything she had hoped it would be, which always makes me smile. Even through the bugs, sweat, and tears – I think I did a pretty good job!

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