Baby JJ

A couple of weekends ago, I spent a fantastic time with my lovely and talented photographer friends Alli, Jana, Michelle, and Justina comparing notes and doing what we do everyday, try to take over the world! Okay, Pinky and the Brain¬†references aside, we did what we only wish we could do everyday – talk about our passion of photography. Not only that, but thanks to Justina, we had a chance to share a couple of photo sessions, one of which was with this adorable little newborn. It’s hard for five photographers to shoot at the same time, even while taking turns! But even so, this adorable little baby slept right through our flashes and tucks and costume changes and I got a few beautiful shots that I really like. Fair warning, since I’ve made my feelings on “fake” photos known before – some of the other ladies may have similar, or even better photographs than these, I barely touched the baby (the other ladies did any posing, I mean – I did pet his soft, soft hair…) and they were taken at a Professional Development workshop. Thanks to JJ’s lovely Mom for allowing us to enjoy his cuteness! The other ladies have some insanely cute photos of him in a little dog-hat, but I tend to think baby-brains are cute… So without further ado!

Edmonton Baby PhotographerEdmonton Newborn Photographer

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