Big Family Photos – Veteran’s Contest Winner

Back in 2013, I offered a contest for Veterans for family or couples photos, in recognition of the sacrifices that our military families make – both the little ones and the big ones. The winning entry was from Karen Stepko, who nominated Martina and her husband John, a military man.

“I have known Martina and her husband John S. for ten years, before they were married and John enlisted in the Canadian Forces.  At that time, their oldest daughter, Willow, was a newborn baby.  Since then, they have expanded their family to include two other girls, Eden and Lyric, and two little boys, Gage and – just born today! – Logan.  They live on the military base near Edmonton.  In recent years, John has done several tours of duty in Afghanistan.  Being a stay at home mom of four (now five!) is tough enough without your husband being stationed across the world in the midst of a war or gone for extended periods of time for training exercises. Regardless of this challenge, Martina carries on as a loving and dedicated wife and mother.  Her pride in John and in her children is obvious to everyone who knows this family.  During WWII, Martina’s situation would have been a common one. Today, people tend to forget that there are still Canadian families like them making sacrifices for the sake of freedom in Canada and around the world.  Martina does a wonderful job of documenting her family’s adventures with her own photos, but it would be a wonderful gift to her and John to be able to have a professional family photo that includes their newest addition!”

Here is there wild and wonderful family session.

EdmontonPhotographers_0011 EdmontonPhotographers_0010 EdmontonPhotographers_0009 EdmontonPhotographers_0012

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