Bokenfohr Family Portraits

Sometimes I am very grateful for people’s patience, and the other day I had one of those days where everything went wrong. I had a tough time getting to the Bokenfohr acreage – I got lost in the grid on the way there thanks to first trusting and then completely distrusting the technology I had brought with me when it came to maps. Turns out, Google Maps had no idea where I was going and had me going in the wrong direction to begin with. I’ve made a mental note to get a map-based location rather than just directions in future. This all meant that I ended up being awfully late to their session, after having cancelled on them last time because I was sick. So when they greeted me with offers of a glass of water and a seat, I was very grateful. The Bokenfohr family had a lovely and well-groomed acreage with a few amazing little nooks and crannies. Their son had a cool hockey practice board which I’ve featured below, and they had a few photos they asked me to take that were traditional family photos of them – with their house and with the playhouse. There was some discussion over where people had been sitting in the original photographs which made me smile. Here’s just a small sample of their family photos for this year. professional family photosedmonton family photosprofessional photography

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