Bushra and Huss – Couples Photos

I always love doing a photo session with a couple who obviously enjoy each other’s company a great deal. They told me that they had been together for three years, but had never had any professional photos taken, and Bushra at least felt it was about time! Working with Bushra and Huss was a fun experience, as they both have a bit of a silly streak and enjoyed working with me more than they expected to, or at least I hope so! There was a bit of nervousness, and Huss admitted he wasn’t a big fan of photos, but I felt that once they relaxed everything went really smoothly. I deal with many people who are apprehensive about getting photos taken, and just as in this case, it usually turns out well. The Legislature grounds were busy on a Saturday, and we had to navigate around a few couples getting their wedding photos taken, but all in all it wasn’t too bad! I hope these photos make you smile too! edmonton couples photographyedmonton couples portrait photographyedmonton couples photographeredmonton couples portrait photographyEdmonton engagement photographers

Are you part of a couple that has never had professional couples portraits, or has it been years since your wedding and you’d like some updated ones? Talk to Twyla!

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