Claire-Bear’s Baby Photos

Everyone always asks me, when they see photos I’ve taken at tradeshows and such, “Is that your baby?” Which I am always a little stunned by considering that usually the people who say this are looking at one photo of half a dozen different babies in totally different houses from a slew of photos I’ve taken as a professional photographer. This time I can claim a relationship! Claire, my lovely niece, was born a Halloween baby last year, and at nearly six months is growing like a little weed. Now, I know that a lot of babies are cute, but right from the beginning, Claire was a heartbreaker. My brother-in-law even said, “I know I’m biased and all, but I’m pretty sure this is the cutest baby I’ve ever seen.” I am inclined to agree, and I’ve seen some babies in my time!

Judge for yourself, everyone. Ladies, prepare to coo. How could you ever say no to this face?

edmonton baby photographers

The panel with Mom makes me burst into laughter every time. Hope it did the same for you!

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