Covenant Health – AHS On-Location Headshots

Our professional appearance is important – and getting professional head shots is a vital part of a professional career. People have different desires about what they want to see in a head shot. For me, I want a spark of who that person really is – and a reasonably accurate depiction of their real face!

Head Shots on Location

For a number of years now, I’ve offered a service that helps busy corporate professionals fit getting their photo taken into an average day – on-location head shots. I bring my portable equipment, set up a small backdrop (or use a natural backdrop in your space) and professional lighting, and once I’m ready, my muses enter! 

A Surprisingly Fun Experience

It’s important to me that everyone wins – so that’s why after I do the work of setup, I want to have an enjoyable time! I make sure that my subject looks like themselves – on a fresh-faced, good hair day – and that they are smiling and relaxed by the time we take the winning photos. 

Headshots of a man and a woman


Do you need head shots for your office?

Twyla is always pleased to help out a small or large group of busy professionals in your office with a half day or full day of on-location modern head shots! Find out more at our page about On-Location Head Shots in Edmonton.

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