Custom Fine Art Wedding Invitations – Margot and Dan

I thought for this lovely set of wedding invitations and programs that I did for Margot and Dan’s Wedding I would talk a bit about the process of developing custom wedding invitations. Margot and Dan came to me shortly after booking their wedding after seeing my work at the Bridal Fantasy bridal show in Edmonton to discuss getting custom invitations. They were fans of fine art, and Margot likes to paint. They told me their wedding colors were royal blue and forest green, and that they really wanted to incorporate the Edmonton skyline into their fine-art style invitations. They also came to me with a budget – and I was able to fit their invitations into that budget! We decided on 5×7 invitations with a linen paper style, so they had the look and feel of canvass, and they wanted the style to look like it had been painted. Fortunately for me, they wanted a more loose-looking interpretation of the city rather than a picture perfect drawing. I did a couple of small pen sketches of what I had in my head, and we decided that the programs could use the same images as their wedding invitations, just a cutout portion of them. I went home with a photo of the Edmonton skyline from one particular portion of the river valley that they were familiar with and went from there with a pencil sketch, and then found another section of the river valley for the walk in the park section. I also decided that we should set it at night to make best use of their colors. We’d also talked about incorporating a church into the skyline, since they were having a Catholic wedding. There was no church in the skyline as it stood, so I inserted one – and you can see how I did that in the first two sketches that I sent them, and with just that to go on they told me to go ahead. I proceeded to work with them through the digital creation of the artwork, programs, and invitations that follow here. It’s a treat as an artist to do original work, and this is no exception! Look for two more custom wedding invitations to come on the blog in early September – one mermaid themed, and one themed with interlocking swirls inspired by my first ever custom Saskatoon wedding invitation design.

edmonton custom wedding invitation
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