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I ended up working with two different people at the same time who wanted photos for dating sites. It’s becoming more and more common for people to ask me for this type of photo, and I’m always excited to hear about people trying out online dating because I know people who have met their matches that way. It’s exciting to have the opportunity to help people find the love of their life. Whenever I do photos for online dating, I always ask, “What do you want to communicate? What do you want to show people that you are?” A picture is worth a thousand words, and it’s a person’s first impression on a dating website. Humans are extremely visual in nature, and no matter what a written profile may say on a dating website, the photo is going to be one of the most important things that people will look at. Everyone wants to put their best face forward—and I don’t mean their best mask, their most heavily made-up face, but a photo that really shows who they are. A large percentage of people who use online dating are introverted people who may not have any good photos of themselves. It falls to me to go through this process of discovery with them—what kind of a style do you want to show in your photos? I try to make it very personal: these people are looking for their soul mate, their true love, and it’s an honor for me to help them show who they really are to find that happiness.

edmonton portrait photographer

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edmonton portrait photography

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