Engagement Photos on the Planet Hoth

Given that I haven’t blogged this session yet and Edmonton is currently experiencing some crazy snowy weather, I figured it was the perfect time to post this tribute to snow and ice!

Frozen Wasteland, or Engagement Opportunity?

Lorilyn tracked me down and said she loved my work and wanted to cross those Engagement photos off her wedding list. She appreciated that I was able to be flexible with dates and suggest locations, seeing as she lived in rural Alberta. We ended up choosing to work at Hawrelak Park, which looks completely different in March than it does in summer! For reference to how snowy the world was last March, I gave their gallery password as “snowpocalypse.” 

Warm on the Inside

The adorableness of this couple made the whole session feel warm! They found delight and adventure in the snowy landscape – Simon mentioned that the big snow field reminded him of Star Wars planet Hoth and he expected to see an AT-AT battle at any point.

Every couple has a defining feeling at the point when I meet them for engagement photos, and the feeling I got from them was delight. They were delighted with each other, delighted to build a snowman – and creatively gave it a highlighter mouth when no sufficient mouth could be found around the nearby trees, delighted in holding each other and in each other’s smiles. 

That’s a kind of love that lasts, for sure. Congratulations on finding each other, Lorilyn and Simon!


Is there joy in your love story?

If you’re getting married elsewhere or for some other reason want to just work with me for Engagement photos, that’s great! I do offer them a la carte, just like I did for Lorilyn and Simon. You can learn more about shooting a nerdy Engagement session, or just drop me a line!

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