Erik’s Arrival – Newborn Session

This family’s inquiry immediately got me excited for their family photos with their newborn son.

My husband found your website, and we love your approach! We’re not into crazy poses or giant props and bows, but just want to get some nice pictures of our family (baby, us, and possibly a few furry beasts depending on their cooperation – we have a dog and two cats)  and we’d love to have you take them!

Don’t Judge Me!

I always try not to judge people just on their inquiry emails, but people with different personalities write completely different emails when inquiring for photography. It doesn’t make their emails better or worse, it just makes them different! Every once in awhile, I can tell I’m going to connect really well with a client and their family because of their email, and this was one of those times.

Milk Drunk Newborns are beautiful

During the session, Erik slept as much as his milk-drunk little heart desired, and so there weren’t really any photos of his pretty eyes. It was so clear as it always is when I work with families having children just how much love and joy were in their hearts as Erik joined them in their day to day life. The pets provided several wonderful moments as well. Enjoy!

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