Erin and Paul’s Beautiful Wedding

Ever since meeting Erin and Paul, I knew that my husband and I were going to love them – but when the wedding day came, it was an even more incredible experience than I could have imagined. Erin and Paul’s own love, and the love of their families, just permeated the atmosphere all day. I’ll admit it was so beautiful I cried sometimes – and that’s only happened to me at a couple of weddings so far. Fair warning that if you have a wedding where everyone cries, I may also cry. Because I love that sort of sappy stuff, deep down. Watching people and their families interact like that is such an honor and privilege that sometimes I just start crying because I’m thinking, “I can’t believe I get to be here for this intimate moment of beauty.”  Technically me crying isn’t great for your photos, especially as I can’t see, but I think you’ll be able to tell from the below images, especially those of the bride and her family right after the ceremony, that I did pretty well considering! Also, it proves that I am really there – not just working for you, but with you. Weddings that capture me in that deep, intimate way are the ones I end up making some of the best emotional photos – pictures that come from my heart just as much as my camera. On the other hand, it’s also the silliest weddings that produce photos that make me laugh for years to come, and this was no exception. Erin’s family and friends are ridiculously fun to be around, and they really put the fun into the wedding day. Also, Erin did an amazing job of choosing which photos she wanted and designated her maid of honor (dressed in green here) to be the person coralling the family for the photos to ensure everything went smoothly – and did it ever! I have never had a wedding that flowed so smoothly for family photos, and people were so co-operative and good about it – especially Paul’s son, a real cutie and a very patient kid. With Erin and Paul’s wedding being spread out over the day, their portraits happening before their ceremony and their whole day nicely spread out, I really had time to let the creative juices flow – and beyond that I felt inspired, both to take photos and to get into sign language again. Erin is an interpreter, and there were sign interpreters that she works with at the wedding to allow a close deaf friend to enjoy. And ladies and gents, if you’re a nerd, you’ll love their cake, their dino-themed play table, and if you could have heard them, the bride’s vows, which mentioned many of the video gaming adventures they’d been on together! What’s even more amazing is that this is an almost entirely DIY wedding, and they did such an incredible job. I also haven’t mentioned the fabulous multi-colored ladies – what a flashy set! It was like candy for a photographer. And they also HAD candy. So pretty much no downsides, I guess. I hope you don’t get tired of looking at these – even though there’s over a hundred photos here, I could barely keep myself from choosing more. What an amazing day for me to be a part of. I love my job!

Look for me on the other side of Cuba, as I’ll be leaving in mere hours and gone for a week! If you want to contact Admire Studios, be aware that your messages will be received and responded to no earlier than September 3rd – which also means if you’re looking for a particular date and time, your precedence will be in order of correspondence received. Thanks!

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