Everyone Is Extraordinary – The Manifesto

I am currently working at updating my website to reflect the style of my work and the direction my life’s work is heading, and I really wanted to give those who visit this website a chance to hear a bit of my philosophy on what makes photography an important part of our lives as people.
 (Twyla Lapointe)A while back I wrote a post on my Boudoir Blog called Nobody Is Naturally Ugly. It got some buzz on social media, and I was very happy to find that several people felt it was a must-read on body image. The thing I’ve been thinking about a lot since I wrote that is that photography, though it’s a visual medium, is not just about the body, it’s about the person.

I believe some things about people that I think are fundamental to me being a photographer that people want to work with. I believe that people are fascinating – all people everywhere. The successful ones, the broken ones, the ones living what we might consider to be ordinary lives – and what things do we celebrate that most reflect what others might call the ordinary life? Weddings. New babies. Grads. The very sorts of things I’m called upon to take photos of on a regular basis. And what you discover when you spend all your time, as I do, living in these pinnacles of ordinary life, is that people are not even remotely ordinary. People’s lives are incredible.

Admire Studios - Kaitlyn's Grad Portraits - Saskatoon - 7

That’s why I’ve changed my business tagline, starting today forward. I’m letting everyone know something I truly believe. Everyone is extraordinary. All the people I meet are wonderful, and I cherish the fact that my job transports me through barriers that our society puts between people to meet hundreds of them every month and get a glimpse of the special moments in their lives. I’m so excited to continue on this journey, meeting amazing people and finding out about what they have chosen to do with their lives, and I am working to make my life even more extraordinary – day by day.

If you’re considering working with Admire Studios, know this – I will do everything I can to show how your story, your love, your family, your business, and your life is extraordinary – because that’s exactly how I see you, that’s how I see this life I’ve been given, and I want to show you just how extraordinary you are, especially if you, like most people, have a hard time seeing it.

Admire Studios - Andrew and Nicole's Engagement - Edmonton - 17I work all the time with people who make jokes about their mug “breaking my camera” or say that they hate photos of themselves. One of my brides has told me that she hates pictures of herself, but every photo I took of her and her hubby, both for their engagement and their wedding, she’s loved. I think that’s because she’s seeing herself through the eyes of someone who sees her life as amazing. That’s why I’m a photographer. I love bringing the wonderful moments to light, showing just how incredible photography is at taking all the best moments and preserving them. I talked to an older woman at a session recently, and she said today, when she thinks back to her wedding, it’s hard to remember anything but the things that went wrong! I told her that’s why wedding photography is so important – it distills the best out of your day and lets you relive it – when your memory inevitably fades – and it does long before you grow old – when the issues and problems of life crop up, photographs can bring you into a moment of clarity about just how GOOD life can be. That’s what I do. I capture moments that you can take with you to remember the best of times, even in the worst of times.

That’s why I’ve started offering Beloved Sessions that show people’s love in a really tangible way and allow people to relax in front of a camera and really show who they are. It’s why my super fun Themed and Personalized Sessions are taking off – giving people a chance to show their reality can be extremely fun. So please, drop me a line and book a session – you don’t even need to have any special event, because your life is already special right now.

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