First Birthday with the Family!

During the winter and early spring, I often do quite a bit of corporate work, but when the opportunity arises for me to work with a lovely new family I haven’t met for family photos to celebrate their daughter’s first birthday, I get very excited! They had originally been interested in studio photos, but when I offered them the opportunity to work in their own home, they were very happy to do that instead.

Cute as a Button

Every family is like ice cream, they’re sweet and have a flavour all their own! In this case, there were so many completely adorable cute moments between the family – especially the ladies – and the birthday girl. I recently was looking at some of my own photos around when I was this age and I was pretty adorable, but they’re all just of me. I’d have loved to know how everyone else looked, but the majority of photos I have from that time are me alone. That’s why it was my pride and joy that Grandma and Aunt and Uncle were all able to be a part of this session!

Dressup is Fun

I don’t always recommend lots of changes of clothes or costumes for kids at this age, but this family has a totally chill little girl who was perfectly fine with being quickly and efficiently changed into lots of super cute little outfits. 


Is one of your children celebrating a birthday?

There’s nothing more appropriate than getting some family photos at home or in a very cool location to celebrate! Most of the time I can offer photos edited and finished within 48 hours!

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