Four Ladies!

I always feel very special when my photography services are given as a gift, and working with the Cooper ladies was no exception. Danielle was very excited to purchase the session as a Mother’s Day gift, and even though we didn’t actually get together until a little nearer to that June holiday, we picked a great day to work. It had been rainy and gross for days before the session, and on the day of it was a fabulously beautiful day. I was really excited to get to work with a set of identical twins, since I’ve only really worked with fraternal twins before, and I find twins fascinating – I’ve always harboured a little hope for having some of my own someday, but we’ll see! Danielle and her family are an example of some of my favourite kinds of clients! They said that there hadn’t been family pictures for years – which of course makes me feel pretty excited to provide them with something that precious. They were silly the whole time and had fun with each other, joking about the one time Mom had dressed all the girls in matching striped outfits and how she’d never done it again… Someone else had decided to get married in Hawrelak Park the day we were there, and one of their guests came and told us to be quiet – so I tried to move us far enough away so we wouldn’t be a bother… I think we managed to stay out of their hair after that! The other cool part was taking a photo of all the sisters in a tree to match one of them when they were little. It was a pretty fun day all around, complete with some cool shades!

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