Frosty Day

Everyone knows that doing something you love as a job can make it a challenge to keep your love alive. With photography, sometimes all it takes to revive the love of what you do is to find something really beautiful and enjoy it. My newest lens in the “dream team” is a macro lens – made to capture the little things – and it does a fabulous job. Here I have individual frost crystals under full sun – not a condition that lasts very long. I was driving down the highway with my husband, and we weren’t driving too late in the day or in a particular hurry, so I decided to take some good advice and stop and just enjoy my new lens by taking some photos for myself. Photos of something transient, something beautiful and fleeting – like these frost-prisms. I hope you enjoy these momentary frosted weeds by a prairie farm fence at least half as much as I did.

alberta prairie winter frost

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