Harry Potter and Hogwarts House Stiletto Heels by Sam Artypants

If you’re looking for more photographs of the incredible Harry Potter Stiletto Heels that went viral yesterday, I’m so, so happy to oblige.

But first, I have to thank the primary artist here, the incredibly talented and very lovely Sam:


Her fantastic shoe-art is making headlines, and she deserves ALL the credit, so please go follow her on Facebook and check out her photos of the shoes as well!

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, get to the SHOES.”

I get you.

But I’d also heartily recommend checking out the Bride and Groom’s LARP Reception-Opener Medieval Battle pics. If you’re a nerd like me, you’ll probably like that JUST as much.

harry potter stiletto heels Sam Artypants Admire Studios


Want shoes like this? Talk to Sam. Want photos of awesomeness? Talk to me!

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