Headshots for Corporate Firm

One of the many ways that having a great deal of experience as a photographer gives me an advantage is when I have to set up studio lighting on-location to flatter corporate clients. It’s always an adventure being given a space to work with – in this case an unused dual-cubicle in a large office building – and turn it into a fully lit, professional studio.

Like most of my on-site headshot clients, I recieved a brief email asking about my availability to come out to shoot headshots for a small team for the company website. Most of the time headshots are for websites, business cards, LinkedIn, or all three – and sometimes there’s other uses I hadn’t even considered!

Quick, Efficient, and Impressive

I’m always so pleased when clients are impressed with my ability to set up a workspace, work efficiently and quickly with each person, and create images that make people look natural. In this case, they wanted two sets to consider – a more serious and professional demeanor and one set with more traditionally beaming smiles.

It was easy to work with the lovely folks at Hatch Mott MacDonald to create these images for them.

Do you need on-site headshots for your group or company? Find out more now.

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