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Jackie’s Portraits

Since becoming a part of The Photographer Studio, I have been able to do some new and interesting things with my wintertime! I have access to two shared studios now, both of which are ideal for a lot of different purposes. In this case, I was able to create a really amazing set with Jackie, who is a home stager by profession. Jackie brought some materials with her to turn the already cool-looking bathroom set into her own little world. I thought she did a beautiful job of creating a portrait of herself in her session. I especially love the photo where she’s sitting in the bathtub, which she is going to use it on her website to show how different and quirky and fun to work with she is. And she was really fun to work with! I would definitely recommend her services for putting together a space in your own home. But I was also really excited to make good use of the Studio One Intimate space. It was a really great experience.

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