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Littles in Blue

It is now so rare to shoot with family and friends for me that I consider it a special privelege! In the case of the Little family, we go back years to a close friendship that got started in Saskatoon through our mutual church when they were a young married couple and I was just starting University. Cadence, their eldest and only daughter, was the first newborn I had ever held… (Obviously, I was an only child.) It’s incredible to watch your friends’ children grow to be their own characters, and to watch the growth of a lovely family. My husband Paul was with us as I worked since we were heading back out to Edmonton later that same day, and he got a chance to play with the kids, which he had a lot of fun with. Their youngest son’s eyes are just a dazzlingly beautiful blue – I am always captivated by beautiful eyes, and his are stunning! I look forward to being involved in the lives of the Little family for many years to come.

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