Making Payment Plans Work For You

For the last couple of years I have been offering payment plans for weddings and some sessions, but I haven’t said too much about them online. What I have found is that although many people feel that excellent, professional photography is worth what I am asking for it, they simply cannot shell out the whole amount in a single month. As someone who has lived month-to-month before, I totally understand this. But you still want quality, professional level photography – so what can be done about this?

The Admire Studios Payment Plan policy is in effect to create payment plans that will allow you to afford both your photo session and any Showcasing products or prints you’d like to purchase afterwards.

How does it work?

1. You contact me with your session or for a quote and ask about payment plans, give me an amount-per-month that you could pay. Most payment schedules are between $150 and $300 a month, though there are some exceptions.

2. I develop a monthly or bi-weekly payment schedule with you and give you banking direct deposit information for you to set it up

3. You go to the bank with that information and do a one-time direct deposit setup for your session. This enables you to choose the day that your money comes out – we will have agreed upon this in advance – it doesn’t necessarily have to be the first or last day of the month.

4. Repeat if you make a showcasing order of more than $150.

5. Long term payments, like those for weddings, will have a skip-a-payment clause that allows you to take a month off for financial difficulty.

Is there a contract?
Your payments are on a simple, plain terms contract with Admire Studios. The contract states that I can withhold products and services – including the editing process – if prompt payments are not being made – but for the average person who pays their bills, there’s really nothing to worry about there. Would-be scammers beware – the structure of the contract and payment schedule does not really allow you to benefit from a session that you don’t intend to pay for.

How does the process get started?
I do require a $50 deposit for sessions and a $500 deposit for weddings at the time of booking. These fees are non-refundable to encourage people to be serious about their booking – I spend hours on each and every session I book and as a successful businessperson I often book months in advance for sessions and years in advance of weddings. Deposits book you a flexible time spot in my schedule in the month that you selected – sometimes this spot needs to be changed, often because of the weather or personal reasons for myself or the client, and I continue to build the flexibility into my business to make these changes. The deposits also help me to ensure that the clients who have found me are getting the best service, and they also help me to keep a cash-flow that helps me to support my family!

Do I need to qualify?
If financial difficulty is stopping you from getting family, maternity, or newborn photos, or even a boudoir session for your self-worth, please contact me and we’ll see what can be done. The big qualification is that you’re looking for quality photography that’s outside your normal budget, but you are able to pay over time. If you are just flat out unable to pay, even over time, that’s probably not a time to be seeking any professional services.

I Will Sometimes Consider Trade for Services
As an avid proponent of community sharing, I will occasionally accept some trades for services. Services I could use:

  • secretarial duties like filing or spreadsheet work (requires non-competition agreement and contract)
  • housecleaning and odd jobs
  • trade show help – if you’re young and spry and outgoing and can spare a Sunday in September or January (requires non-competition agreement and contract)
  •  use of a truck for trade shows
  •  RMT massages
  • carpentry
  • personal training
  • Other services from qualified individuals as well

There’s all sorts of other services I might be able to make use of for a discount. Pretty much the only physical item that counts, however, is summer garden groceries, and bonus points if they are peas (for me) or rhubarb (for my husband’s pie addiction)! If you feel as a professional that you have something to offer, please contact me.

Are you looking for photographic services with a Payment Plan?
Talk to Twyla! 

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