Margot and Dan – Wedding Photos!

Being part of someone’s life as a photographer can be a really special gift, and some couples make it seem more like a gift – a gift of friendship, as they invite you to truly be a part of their day as an insider, as a member of a very special crowd. Many of my weddings this summer have been just like that, and Margot and Dan were no exception. They even invited us to take part in their lovely rehearsal dinner, where they stuffed us with BBQed burgers and homemade salads and cookies. I’ve got it on my to do list to get a recipe for a very interesting cabbage salad we ate there, among their ever-smiling family. I’ll have to hold their photos for ransom for the cabbage salad recipe!

When I met Margo and Dan at a coffee shop after Bridal Fantasy – the bridal show that’s coming up again this September in the form of Bridal Conference – where I hope to meet more ideal clients like Margot and Dan. I worked with them both on their custom invitations and wedding programs and their wedding photos, and every point of the experience of working with them was lovely. Margot and Dan spent more time considering their wedding photos than most, even taking me out for a drive around a few parks near St. Anthony’s Parish and agreeing to host all their photos in the same park – my favourite Emily Murphy Park, which we discovered on our tour has a lovely stone wall near the boat launch.

The wedding day was smooth sailing all the way, in part thanks to Margot and Dan’s willingness to spend the time thinking about how it should all work in advance. If you’re struggling with the idea of multiple locations or you just feel you need a concrete plan, I’m happy to work with you to make that happen, and as this wedding has proved, it can make everyone’s life easier!

At the reception, Dan and Margot’s amazing pie chart seating chart, guitar guest book, and beautiful Petroleum Club venue made the experience amazing, as well as some of the best wedding food I’ve had in my life – and I would be remiss without mentioning that the carrot cake tasted like sweetness incarnate. It was pretty much a food paradise. Okay, enough about that – but I would definitely recommend the venue!

Dan informed me that they were on their way to Italy after the wedding, so I hope they’re enjoying themselves, and they and their friends and family can forgive me for posting their previews a little later than usual! I’m so busy getting everything off my plate in time for my destination wedding photography in Cuba coming up in mere days now!

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