Mel & Nick Military/ Live Action Role Play Wedding

There’s nothing quite so awesome as meeting a couple of awesome nerds and then arranging to shoot their wedding. And becoming their friend. And subsequently hiring the bride (and biggest fan) to be your assistant… In the end, I’m all around pretty freaking excited about everything that’s happened surrounding this wedding, from my new friendships, the incredible reception-opener LARP battle, the Ilyxtriax dragon cake, and Harry Potter Heels that went viral within days of my photo of them being posted, this wedding was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever been involved in as a photographer and I have absolutely no regrets about working with Mel and Nick to help them remember their day for the rest of their lives.

Special thanks to Mel’s sister-in-law who goes by Sam ArtyPants on the internets, who created those incredible shoes-of-art, my fantastic second photographer Sandy Phimester, and all the amazing folks at the wedding that made it loads of fun from beginning to end, and I can’t forget our amazing videographer… Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there’s a video of that LARP battle to come courtesy of Stick Productions and friends.

You know, a lot of photographers talk about finding their niche, and while I’ve suspected mine for a while, this really confirms it. My niche is nerds. The alternative, offbeat, incredible people who I’ve always loved spending time with – you’re my clients. If you’re planning a nerd wedding, anywhere in the world, I want to be your photographer. Call me. Right now. Let’s talk about our fandoms and who’s the hottest guy on British TV. Oh yeah.

If you like this, look for two fantastic themed engagement sessions coming soon… And for all the drooling HP nerds, more photos of those Harry Potter stiletto heels are here.

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