Mia and Vedran’s Engagement!

At the Bridal Fantasy show on Sunday a girl came up and was excited to see me, because she’d left me a message asking if I could fit her and her fiance in for some Fall engagement photos, and I had a space open for them! Mia was gushing about how much she loves Fall as we walked around the Legislature grounds, and it was pretty obvious they loved each other too. The peanut gallery – a few suits who were sitting around by the fountain – gave them a hard time about how big her ring was, which was entertaining, but they were good sports about it. I had a chance to wander around the grounds before I worked with them, so I had found a few lovely little spots to play with from behind the camera, and they were naturals to work with. I asked them if they were sure they hadn’t done any modeling, and Vedran said if I kept complimenting them they might have to take me to Cancun with them for their destination wedding in January… But they’ve already got a photographer in Mexico. Darn. =) Enjoy the love!

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