Muttart Pyramid Wedding

I had been looking forward to Rikk and Kristina’s wedding for months when I finally had the chance to attend their small ceremony. Their wedding has the distinction of being the first wedding I had the opportunity to shoot at the Muttart Conservatory (though I have several upcoming), and the first wedding that I would ever have been completely rained out of. Since I have good luck on these things, it was held indoors in the fabulous Muttart wedding-theme pyramid. Some of you may remember me posting their unique baby photos of their daughter Liera – which I mentioned before were some of my favourite newborn portraits last year – to celebrate Mother’s Day. Working with them on their wedding was a wonderful opportunity. Rikk and Kristina are a really sweet couple – Rikk is joyful, outgoing and personable and you’ll almost never find him without a face-splitting smile, and Kristina has this sense of serenity that I just love. It was an honor and a pleasure to be one of the only people outside their immediate family to witness their ceremony – but you can be there too if you’re okay with living vicariously! Their wedding is also a great example of how to work in a hurry – I had about 20 minutes with them as a couple and, as they can probably attest, I took them on a whirlwind of several of the pyramids to capture some of the best shots that I’d planned in my quick trip the day before. I felt a bit like a whirlwind, but I was really pleased with the results. Enjoy!

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