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I’d like to welcome Wine 4 You as the newest partner of Admire Studios! Here’s some information about what kind of services this Admire-recommended business provides in the shape of a Star Phoenix article from May 2010:

Wine 4 You makes Wine
Easy and Opulent

by Pamela Irving

If you think of winemaking with wine kits
as something granddad did in the dusty old
basement, take another look.
At Wine 4 You, located at 260 – 2600 Eighth
Street East, you will feel like you are at one of the
finest wine sellers in Canada.
A seven-foot high glass wall spans the store
and is the only thing between you and the
winemaking process, revealing shelves and rows
of containers of whites, reds, shiraz, blushes,
and more in various stages. It is all very sterile
and opulent, with track lighting and large poster
panels on the walls promoting wine.
Owner Shirley Voldeng says that the glass
panel is the only one of its kind in Canada, and
allows for transparency between the winemaking
process and clients.
“Seeing the wine being made in such a clean
atmosphere pretty much sells itself. We help
people make wine, so that they do not have to
find space for it at home,” says Voldeng.
Catering to every taste and budget, wine kits
start at $150 for higher quality wines that may
take up to eight weeks to process, and can be
further aged at home, to $60 for fruit wines, that
are ready within four weeks.
“Fruit wines are very popular in the summer
and pair well with ice and a sundeck,” laughs
Voldeng. “We are not really wine snobs here.
Most people at this time of year are looking
for affordable light wines to take up to the lake
with them and enjoy with BBQs and friends and
Clients help start the process, then Wine 4 You
oversees and houses the wine until it is ready for
bottling. Wine 4 You supplies bottles at extra cost,
with the option to bring your own, while labels
and corks are included in the price. The labels are
tasteful and the final product is something that
makes people proud.
“People bottle their own wine which only takes
about half an hour. Most people are so happy to
see the final product, we allow them a small taste
so they do not have to wait until they get home,”
says Voldeng.
Wine 4 You abides by the legislation around
winemaking and tasting in the store and advises
customers of the rules. Making wines as gifts
is okay. Good thing too, because if you want
something special to serve with Christmas dinner
or gift to loved ones, you should be starting to
process some of the wines now in order to be
ready on time. Fine sherry in smaller 375 ml litre
bottles would make the perfect gift for special
seasons and occasions, as would many of the
wines and wine accessories available.
Shirley’s father-in-law, Vern Voldeng,
researched winemaking by making wines with
various kits and helped set up the processes and
provided the special introductory knowledge.
Some of the wine kits appeal to the younger
crowd. Cheeky Monkey has a light-hearted kit
that calls Shiraz ‘Sure-as’, while other kits appeal
to people who want the finer things in life but not
the hassle of making their own. En Prineur is the
top of the line and most popular kit, offering ten
different wines –three whites and seven reds and
creates a new standard in wine excellence.
Voldeng says that in general, reds are more
popular than whites are. Surprisingly, Malbec
eclipses Merlot and Pinot Noir in popularity.
“People are getting more wine savvy and want
to try something new. They are opening their
minds to new varieties. Some kits are specific
to grapes grown in a specific region or country.
For example the Chilean Malbec means that the
grapes used in the kit were grown in Chile,” says
Shirley and her family left Naicam and farming
behind over a year ago to offer something that fits
into every kind of lifestyle.
“It took awhile to find just the right location and
get set up,” says Voldeng. Wine 4 You has been
open two months and business is growing.
“Winemaking is becoming very popular, we
see people from all walks of life here. Everyone
wants a good bottle of wine.”

Wine 4 You is on 8th Street and is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to
Friday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturdays.


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