Occupational Therapy Grad Photo Booth 2012

You buy all these incredible props, you spend hours surfing dollar and specialty stores for that perfect pair of giant sunglasses, for those super cool dinosaur toys, a pretty parasol, and how do people repay you?

They play, they dance, they make funny faces, and I get to capture it all.

I have four sets of different prop types now – Summer Party, Winter Holiday,  Hollywood, and The Works, which is a combination of the best parts of the above and what you’re seeing in the photo below – a whole 6-foot round table covered with magical toys.

My husband tells me I’m probably the best known of the significant others in his Occupational Therapy class, almost to the point of being a bit of a celebrity, and he might be right about that. After the RehabMed Gala photobooth being a total gongshow of hilarity, the OT Grad committee decided that bringing me in again was probably a good idea – and boy were they right! We printed over 200 photographs in the several hours that we were there, and people were just loving it. But do I need to tell you? Check it out for yourself.

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