Saskatoon Fall Engagement Photos – Murray and Stacey

Sometimes with photography, things are a little inclement… The weather, for instance, or if someone is sick. So even though I had gorgeous weather for this couple’s photos, Murray wasn’t feeling so well! In the end he was such a trooper, and I omitted any photos of Stacey looking worried about him. I don’t know if all my clients like that I tell on them if something wasn’t easy, but it kinda makes me look good when I take good photos even of situations that aren’t perfect, at least I hope so. This lovely couple picked this part of Saskatoon’s river valley because it was near where they got engaged – on the horse-drawn carriage ride! I thought that was pretty cool, points to Murray for romance.

Stacey and Murray were the lucky winners of my draw for free Engagement photos from the Saskatoon Bridal Showcase entrants! I’m looking forward to speaking with some of you who were interested from the Showcase soon!

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