SLP Group Photos

Every once and awhile a cool bunch of people ask me to do something unusual – a Friend session. While not very common today, did you know that getting professional photos with your best friends was very common in the beginning of photography? Of course, these days many of us use our everyday cameras for that sort of thing, but judging by the awful sunrise photo I tried taking with my cell phone the other day, the quality of photos like that may not be the greatest, though their value may certainly exceed their looks.

Angie, the instigator of this unusual and unique photography session, had won a prize for a half price session by Facebook Like votes on her photo from the RehabMed Event Photobooth. She decided to have everyone pool their resources to purchase a session – a great deal – and get some fun portraits of friends from their U of A class, graduating soon.

What followed was hilarity, cute and funny portraits and photobombs, and an epic snowball fight, followed by an awesome set-up Awkward Family Photo. Enjoy!

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