Stacey and Murray Wedding

Stacey and Murray’s Wedding – Limo Bus Fun! – Saskatoon

I always love weddings where they have a limo bus. There was a fairly large wedding party and everyone had so much fun. People were dancing and goofing off in the bus—it was a complete riot! I really recommend a limo bus for weddings—message me for suggestions of where to rent!

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I felt like this wedding was a recap of my own wedding. Same wedding colors, same photography locations (Beaver Creek and sculpture garden), and similar personality in the wedding party. It’s so funny that I redid my own wedding for someone else!

I loved their outdoor ceremony. As the photographer, I was actually able to move behind the couple (which I’m not always able to do) and get some really gorgeous pictures. I wouldn’t have been able to get the really special lattice shot if I couldn’t have been behind the couple.

The people in this wedding were amazing, and they really made the day beautiful and memorable. This was my best year ever for weddings—every one was just a smash hit out of the park. I feel like I did a lot of my best work this year, and this wedding was one of the best!

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wedding photography

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saskatoon wedding photographer

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