The Wayback Machine

And while I’m stepping into the Wayback Machine… (Did anybody watch Newsradio? I love that show.) I might as well bring back this gem – my first foray into becoming a professional photographer. I did these engagement shots originally on color and black and white film, which I developed myself. Really. Later I got them digitized and edited a couple of them in a new way, but I am still so proud of these. Anybody have a guess as to what year these were taken? They were very well received, both by the couple and by all the people I knew who saw the images. I’m still in love with them. So here they are!

Saskatoon Engagement PhotographySaskatoon Engagement Photographer

“What a blast! We had so much fun having our engagement photos taken. Twyla works efficiently and creatively.  I now have a beautiful book that captures the fun we had that afternoon – a great way to portray the joy we had being engaged! The photos are great, and I especially love the black and white. She had a set of great shots already planned but was also very accommodating for any other ideas we had.” -Camille and Steven

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