Unique Engagement Photos – Michaela and David

I am always happiest with clients that I can relate to, and Michaela and David are pretty relatable! They have a shameless geek streak a mile wide, just like my husband and I do, and they enjoy talking about their various favourite fantasy and sci-fi favourites with me over coffee, which we’ve done twice now. Right from our first exchange of emails I knew that their wedding in May was going to be a ton of fun, and we ended up with some really awesome Engagement photos despite the winter cold. We started out in the lobby of the AGA (Alberta Art Gallery) where they have a public display that says “Behind this wall lies my desire for you.” I looked it up in curiosity and it’s supposed to be the gallery speaking to the public asking them to come visit. On one hand I feel the idea is kind of lame, though it’s an interesting statement in general, but the wall itself does look very nice and some creative positioning created a cool photo that I really like. Next we were greeted warmly by the staff of the restaurant, who kindly allowed us to use their wooden wall and a couple of other spaces while they were packing things in for the day. After that we traversed the nearby square to a stand of evergreens and then took off to the downtown Public Library, where the manager was kind enough to allow us to shoot in their space even though we did not have the required appointment. I especially love the conflict resolution photo below as well. I feel that this all goes to show that one shouldn’t necessarily dismiss the idea of winter engagement photos – especially if they have a stylish red coat!

unique engagement photography

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