Unique Wedding Invitation – Inspired by an Ad

Wedding Invitations are one of my very favourite creative challenges. This couple, Kendra and Regan, had some fabulous ideas, but confided in me that they weren’t particularly artistic on their own, they needed help to achieve their dreams. We worked out a great set of invitations that were budget friendly, beautiful, and versatile. One of the best parts of getting custom invitations is that it’s pretty easy for a custom designer to make you a small number of  “dance only” invitations that aren’t too different from the regular ones, giving you the chance to send something special to people even when the caterer is charging you a fortune! There were a few ideas that went into this. First, they brought me a cut-out ad from the United Way that they’d really liked – not your usual inspiration, but I think you’ll agree it really worked for them! Not only that, but they had a list of words, phrases, and amazing thoughts they felt described their relationship that they wanted to use as a part of their custom design.

What Kendra had to say:

“We hired Twyla to create our wedding invitations. We had a very unique vision in our mind what we wanted to create but wasn’t able to put it on paper. We consulted with Twyla, and she quickly went to work. The outcome was absolutely gorgeous. She not only created Exactly what we envisioned, we also received a ton of compliments on them. She was very patient and great to work with and we would definitely recommend her.”

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