Varadero, Cuba – Matt and Lisa’s Trash the Dress Session

On our second day together (the day after Matt and Lisa’s wedding, I mean, we’d been on resort for several days) we went into Varadero and the area again with a taxi driver the couple knew, as well as back to the beach where they got married for a Trash the Dress session! Of course, as you might know, when I do day after or dress-re-wearing sessions I always call them Dress 2.0 – though in this case both Matt and Lisa worked with me to create some amazing images in the cave near the Varadero strip. The best part is that first, we actually went to what is known in Spanish as the Cueva Ambrosio – The Bat Cave. Not even kidding. I included a photo of the bats hanging on the ceiling as well because that was pretty cool. I love bats. And Batman. (I’m just saying. Batman would have loved this place.) I got some really cool light-play photos from the dappled light coming from the foliage above the holes in the roof of the cave, and I’m particularly proud of them. Not to mention the super cool jungle-like section at the mouth of the first cave! On a completely unrelated note, I also saw what I think might have been my first live cockroach. Next we went to a park in Veradero where many Cubans have their wedding photos taken called Josone Park, and our driver allowed us to get some photos with his amazing car. (Later that week my husband and I toured Havana with the same driver and his friend, a linguist who spoke great English – I might post some photos of Old Havana on here as well, soon!) Finally, we took a trip to the beach by our resort, the Iberostar Laguna Azul, to get that dress wet, and they were pretty happy about that because it was a blisteringly hot day. I pumped up my shutter speed to capture the amazing water movement – and my husband watched for waves, and saved my camera from drowning at least once. Finally, there’s also a photo we took of the whole party on the resort steps – what great people. They made my husband and I feel welcome and a true part of their special day.

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