Wedding Fever

After an incredible experience meeting the brides and grooms of Saskatoon’s You May Kiss the Bride wedding showcase, one of Saskatoon’s best wedding shows, I am gearing up for this weekend in Edmonton at Bridal Fantasy’s Fall Fashion Edition show! I absolutely cannot wait to hear about more amazing wedding plans! For any of you who are wondering, I am moving to Saskatoon, but I will continue working in both Saskatoon and Edmonton (and all of Saskatchewan and Alberta) as I have been for the last two years! It’s a good thing I really like driving on the prairies. =)

If you are arriving at our website from one of these shows, welcome! We hope that you feel, as we do, that we’ve put our best foot forward to show you exactly how much Admire Studios cares about offering something that makes your life easier, and how much I really do want to be a part of all the amazing, romantic, interesting moments of the wonderful wedding days that I get the privilege to be a part of.

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know many of you wonderful brides! Please check out the Wedding Information, and Wedding and Engagement Portfolio. If you’re interested in Payment Plans or the Wedding Photography Registry, there’s lots of information for you here and don’t hesitate to call or email with any questions you might have.

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