Wedding Photography- Michaela and David

From the moment I saw that Michaela’s email address had something in it about Star Trek, I was pretty certain she’d be one of my favourite clients! From Starbucks conversations about the pros and cons of ComicCons and which Trek series Captain was most badass, my time with Michaela and David was, from start to finish, as nerdy and awesome as it gets! You can imagine my excitement when they announced we’d be doing some photos in a Comic Book store as well! Michaela and David chose me because they loved my online portfolio.

I loved Michaela’s comment, early in our email conversation, “I don’t want to pay a lot of money for blurry or over-edited pictures, hell, I wouldn’t even pay a little money for it! We like that the people in your photos look like actual people, not with matted faces or over-exposed, over-contrasted pictures, you know? Haha, I am a stickler for the right combination of editing and actual talent which I feel you have.” Music to my ears! It always makes me smile when a bride feels like my style works for her! =) Michaela described their mood as classy and intimate, and I think they really nailed it!

Cue their amazing wedding day at the Delta Edmonton South (where as far as I could tell, their hotel liaison was very accommodating, and so were the hotel staff) where the unique paper bouquets that Michaela made herself were a beautiful part of the day. Our awesome trip to the Happy Harbor Comics store left a huge grin on my face. I also love the cool colored brick walls we used to get some great shots of the wedding party! The Hulk Mask made a cameo as well.

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